Eat. Drink. Spark!

Joyfully eat, drink, think & plan your way to the next extraordinary step of your journey

To be alive is to have a Spark. It’s that internal pilot light of joy that’s been a steady flame throughout your life, whether you’ve used it to illluminate your path or not.
An Eat. Drink. Spark! experience is the perfect opportunity to spend intentional time identifying what lights you up so that you move through your life with more purpose and joy.
Discover interests, talents and dreams you haven’t thought about in any meaningful way for years. Uncover new passions and hobbies that add joy to your life right now.
Enjoy extraordinary cuisine and signature cocktails (or NA cocktails) and conversation with others interested in making that discovery for themselves, too.
"I feel a deeper connection to my spouse after Spark and would definitely recommend this program to anyone! The food and drinks were excellent as well!"
Josh T
Couples participant
"The Eat. Drink. Spark! Tea provided a wonderfully social and informal atmosphere for discussion and sharing."
Tania B
Tea participant
"I went in not knowing what to expect, and I found a very relaxed and easygoing atmosphere, which fostered self-reflection and further dialogue. I highly recommend it."
Rod S
Couples participant

Say yes to an Eat. Drink. Spark! experience and you'll:

Enjoy 3 phenomenal courses from the best local chefs
Savor signature cocktails (and NA cocktails) mady by our LA-based mixologist
Discover your Spark and make a plan of action with the Discover Your Spark guide
Connect, share, learn and laugh with others
Stay inspired by follow up communication
An Eat. Drink. Spark! Afternoon Tea experience. Three courses of sandwiches, scones with cream and jam and desserts accompanied by hot tea and 2 signature cocktails (or NA cocktails). PLUS 75 minutes of guided Discover Your Spark work and conversation.
Join us in Fargo, ND, Sunday, Oct 22 from 12:30-2:30 (more info available upon registration). $147/person.
There are only three tickets left—grab yours today!
An Eat. Drink. Spark! Individual experience. Three courses accompanied by 3 signature cocktails (or NA cocktails). PLUS 75 minutes of guided Discover Your Spark work and conversation.
Starting at $247/person.
An Eat. Drink. Spark! Couples experience. Three courses accompanied by 3 signature cocktails (or NA cocktails). PLUS 90 minutes of guided individual and with your partner Discover Your Spark work and conversation.
Starting at $497/couple.
Eat. Drink. Spark! Couples experiences are open to all couples, regardless marital status, and all Eat. Drink. Spark! experiences are open to all, regardless gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. Ages 21 and up.
"I greatly appreciate the gift of this experience."
Trish O
Tea participant
"I thoroughly enjoyed the charming company and surroundings, delightful culinary and cocktail experience, as well as the frank and authentic communication."
Shirley N
Tea participant
"You become blind to the hamster wheel of dialogue that circles around work, kids, and house stuff. This short retreat reminded us that our connection goes deeper, and we need to step into the deep end of the pool more often to listen and learn. "
Ellen S
Couples participant
Eat. Drink Spark! events are a complete experience.
They are a joyful way to connect more deeply with both yourself and others, even those you know well. And they are so, so fun.
I look forward to enjoying an Eat. Drink. Spark! experience with you and your Spark and continuing to join you on the journey.
Be well, and remember, you are extraordinary!
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Due to the front-end cost of the food and drinks, there will be no refunds after you purchase an Eat. Drink. Spark! experience. You may absolutely transfer your ticket to another person/couple.