Discover Your SOBER Spark Experience

For couples on the other side of addiction/who’ve put alcohol down and want to joyfully move forward together.

Discover who you can be together when alcohol/addiction is no longer the third wheel in your relationship.

This journey will reconnect to the extraordinary in the two of you. 

Because your spark hasn’t died out, you’ve just forgotten that it’s still burning inside you. 

And in case you’re worried that the two of you never had a Spark in the first place, rest assured: you absolutely do.

We’re going to find it together.

Our next course is Saturday, April 1st from 7-8:30pm CDT. At only $149/couple, this will easily be the best date night money you spend.

Recommendation: One or both of you should be choosing sobriety/to not drink for any reason, including former addiction, health, lifestyle, sober curiosity, etc. OR, maybe you are a couple who can drink safely but wonders what else you might do together that doesn’t involve alcohol. We don’t care why you join us, we just want you to say yes to you and your couple’s Spark!

See what happens when you look at your relationship from the lens of sobriety/living alcohol-free.

In this 90-minute group session, you’ll work with your partner to focus on the two of you:

  • What lights you up
  • What brings you closer
  • What challenges your Spark from staying lit
  • How you can move forward together with love, fun and adventure—ALCOHOL FREE!


You’ll work independently, in small groups and together as a couple to uncover, articulate and commit to taking action on the Sparks in your shared lives together.

Plus, you’ll have access to Dayna and Dr Marry through email for 2 weeks following the session—so you are fully supported in your implementation.

You’ll also get signed up for the extraordinary newsletter and be invited to the Private Sober Spark Community Facebook page.

Hi! We're Dr Mazz Marry and Dayna Del Val, the creators of Daily Dose of Dr Marry & DD.

On February 1, 2020, Dr Marry’s 3-year soberversary, we went public with his alcoholism and our shared journey back to sobriety and a joy-filled marriage.

We created a multi-media series revealing our story because we knew that most people were only seeing the incredible highlight reel of our marriage, and it felt disingenuous to not share the crucible we had both lived through for many years leading up to Dr Marry’s sobriety and the complete transformation of our marriage.

In July 2020, we realized we had more to say, so we launched a livestream called Daily Dose of Dr Marry & DD. We continued our honest conversations and started including other voices, bringing in more than 90 guests to join us with their stories, too.

And now we’re here, because we believe that identifying and saying your dreams and desires out loud is an integral step to discovering your joy together and as two individuals inside your relationship. We would’ve loved an opportunity like this, so we’ve created it for you.

We know the immense struggle it took to get to where you both are today, and we know the extreme joy that comes of being aligned in a joint journey, free of shame, isolation, fear and anger. Congratulations on finding sobriety/choosing to be alcohol-free; without that, nothing else works very well. Setting an addiction down is a paramount first step, but it doesn’t solve all the problems or answer all the questions. That’s what we’ll work on together in this 90-minute experience.

Dr Marry & Dayna enjoying NA drinks in York, England, Dec 2022.

It’s time. It’s your time together.

Time to trust that you can dream together.

Time to expand as a couple.

The only resource we cannot re-create or get back is time.

There’s no more waiting. You have the rest of your incredible lives to live together.

Don’t you want to live it more fully aligned?

It's time to be the couple you've always dreamed you can be.