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Being Extraordinary

Simultaneously at the intersection of remarkable and so, so ordinary

Dicovering Your Spark

to actively and purposefully pursue your dreams


and getting up again and again and again



Making Change with your Money - Guiding You to Discover Your Spark: an interview with Dayna Del Val, founder of the Discover Your Spark experience
We Should Talk About Ways to Navigate Your Spouse's Newfound Sobriety with Spark Discoverer and Life Coach, Dayna Del Val
The Universe is Your Therapist - 075: How the Whole Health Lab Helped Member Dayna Del Val Catapult her Professional Career
The Winding Road - Ep 38 - The Career-Changing Power of Communities with Dayna Del Val
Leave Your Mark - Straddling Extraordinary, at the Intersection of Remarkable and So, So Ordinary with Dayna Del Val
112: Extraordinary. Intersecting remarkable and so, so ordinary.

What People Say

Everything about Dayna is appealing as a presenter. She kept my rapt interest for the entire time.
Attendee of the FMWF Chamber of Commerce Wommen Connect talk
Dayna was so candid with her failures that she gave me courage to look at my situations a little clearer. She enables you to see beyond your self, right this minute.
Attendee of the FMWF Chamber of Commerce Wommen Connect talk
I love that she used the word failure. I think we tend to steer away from this word as though it's bad and it's not.
Attendee of the FMWF Chamber of Commerce Wommen Connect Talk
Dayna is incredibly polished and yet so real and relatable.
Attendee of the FMWF Chamber of Commerce Wommen Connect talk
Dayna is a powerful advocate for women, and it was an easy decision to ask her to speak at the 2019 Ladyboss Summit. Dayna spoke candidly about her experiences as a leader, as an artist, and as a woman, and brought equal parts intellect and entertainment. She leaves you wanting more... feeling challenged, yet uplifted and ready for action.
Laura Caroon
Co-Founder Ladyboss midwest
While Dayna has many skills and attributes worth recommending, her public speaking skills deserve special recognition. They are fresh in my mind, having just heard Dayna deliver the Commencement speech at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Like every speech I've heard Dayna deliver, her Commencement address was thoughtful, engaging, funny, inspiring, and memorable. It was also eloquent and impeccably delivered. I've seen her speak to many, diverse audiences and, in every instance, she has been equally poised and eloquent. Her Commencement speech stands out not only because it was so recent but also because the occasion and audience were notoriously difficult. On a day when no one came to hear the speech and most in the audience were looking past the ceremoney to the rest of their lives, Dayna made everyone sit up and listen. I'm certain her words will provide motivation and inspiration to many of the graduates (and their guests) as their lives continue to unfold. If you're looking for a speaker to deliver just the message your audience needs to hear in just the way they need to hear it, I highly recommend Dayna Del Val.
President Anne Blackhurst
Minnesota State University Moorhead

About Dayna

Public speaking is many people’s number one fear. I am not most people. I absolutely adore it. I love nothing more than sharing my story and watching people lean in, nodding their heads, laughing, crying, seeing those lightbulb moments when something I’ve shared resonates with their own journeys. Engaging with an audience nourishes the most central parts of my being: the actor, communicator, connector, discoverer parts of me. And as it feeds me, my audiences also leave our time together feeling fulfilled and ready to take discover what Sparks are inside of them, too.